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meet the owners of Villas Rio Mar

Chris Vijselaar, Villas Rio Mar, Holland Hotels Costa RicaThe owners of Villas Rio Mar consist of a small group of Dutch investors mainly living in the Netherlands. Chris Vijselaar is one of them but has mainly lived in Costa for over twenty years now, and as such he takes care of the supervision and general management. Because of this background the hotel welcomes every year quite a lot of Dutch guests.

The Dutch group built the hotel in the early nineties and then were inspired by what was left of their memories of the former Dutch Indies resulting in a full integration with a complex mix of tropical nature. The hotel was built like a spacious tropical garden on the slope of the property with all the 52 rooms very well spread over it in groups of four. Actually the hotel does not just have a garden, the hotel is the garden. Nowadays, completely renovated and adapted to modern standards, we still fully comply with our slogan ‘’Comfort in Nature and Adventure’’.

There is a cozy restaurant, a midget golf, a playground for the kids, a big pool with beds, chairs and a swim-up bar, a tennis court, an outdoor gym, a jungle trail, and more.

All rooms have a terrace where you will hear the hourly changing sound of the jungle. Don’t be surprised to be closely confronted with a toucan, a raccoon, an ant-eater, monkeys, wild turkeys, and many more.

Meet Rossana and Pedro

Guayabo LodgeHello, let me introduce us: my name is Rossana and my husband’s name is Pedro. Together we manage Guayabo Lodge in Santa Cruz de Turrialba, which is located on the slopes of Turrialba Volcano at half an hour from the town of Turrialba.

We both landed in Costa Rica by chance. Pedro from Uruguay and I from the Netherlands. We met 20 years ago in Turrialba, where we were both employed in CATIE (Interamerican Center for Research and Higher Education in Tropical Agriculture).

Twelve years ago I initially started to mount and run our lodge. The hot and humid climate of the valley of Turrialba became too much for me on the long run and I fell in love with the beautiful scenic views, the pleasant temperature and the fantastic nature higher up on the slopes of the Turrialba volcano. While Pedro accepted a more intensive job at the Research Centre down in the valley, I ventured to set up a B&B in Santa Cruz de Turrialba, at a height of 1500 mts.

Pedro stopped working in the Research Centre in 2008 and dedicated himself fully to the lodge. This made it possible to expand our business, make it more beautiful and run it more efficiently, even though we still remain a family business.

The piece of pasture that we initially bought has been transformed into a garden with a great variety of plants and flowers, in part tropical and in part of a temperate climate. We offer views all around: the Turrialba valley, the Talamanca mountain range, the Cerro Chirripó, the Cerro de la Muerte (the 2 highest peaks of the country). We also look up to the smoking Turrialba Volcano. The lodge is located on an intersection of roads that lead to the Caribbean Coast: Limon, Manzanillo, Puerto Viejo, or even Sarapiqui, Tortuguero and Arenal. Frome here you can also head towards Cartago, Irazu Volcano, San José or crossing the Cerro de la Muerte to the south Pacific coast.

You are most welcome just to drop by or to come and stay with us!

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The latest news

Come and see the whales


it is interesting to visit the gold museum in San José to see pre columbian artwork
gold in Costa Rica

Costa Rica, watch this movie!

Holland Hotels Costa RicaLaura Chinchilla
The President of Costa Rica, doña Laura Chinchilla, has being voted as the best dressed woman in Vanity Fair’s Top 10 Best-Dressed World Leaders.
Laura Chinchilla, the first female president of Costa Rica, is a social conservative and progressive dresser. For her inauguration, Chinchilla wore a white skirt and white suit jacket featuring a built-in white cummerbund.

Guayabo Lodge folklore dancingFolklore

This is a tipical dance from Costa Rica originally from Guanacaste, interpreted in Guayabo Lodge


Hottest Travel Destinations of 2013

Surrounded by mountains and jungle-fringed beaches on the Pacific, this pristine bay bordering a national marine park was long the secret of surfers and backpackers— and migrating whales. The prestigious American travel magazine Travel + Leisure has named this area the “Hottest Travel Destinations of 2013”. Come and experience it yourself visiting Hotel El Mono Feliz

Big Insect

In Costa Rica everything is so big!

Visit Monte Terras

Holland Hotels Costa Rica


Lizzy is back

Since a week Lizzy is back at Rancho BuricaPura Jurassic Rancho!


Get an extra discount on your A(d)venture Discount Card.

If you buy now the A(d)venture Discount Card for your stay in Costa Rica from April the 15th until June the 30th you only pay U$30 for the Discount Card for two persons.
With that card you will save hundreds of dollars in hotelrooms, restaurants and on tours and trips. Look here for more information


 Cheeky monkey..

A whiteface monkey is very close to the restaurant and find some food..

Visit now Heliconia Island and see it yourselve.

Mammals in Costa Rica:


Easy… travelling through Costa Rica on your own!

landkaartCosta Rica has everything you can expect for a holiday: adventure, tropical nature and beautiful beaches.

A self composed roundtrip through Costa Rica passing the Holland Hotels will be an experience you will never forget. The owners (speaking at least English, Dutch and Spanish), will point you the way to active volcanos, dark green forests, beautiful waterfalls and tropical little beaches.

With Holland Hotels Costa Rica you can make your own route along reliable hotels. Have a chat with the owner – because he/she knows exactly what you can see and do in the surroundings! If you reserve your next Holland Hotel in advance, you will be given a free route description.

The Holland Hotels Costa Rica have 3 standards:
       Simple, until U$40
    Middle, U$ 40 – U$125
Luxury,  U$125 and up

Never before has traveling through Costa Rica been so easy!

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Travelling by yourself? Rent a car!

Driving through Costa Rica yourself is no problem at all. Most of the roads are paved, but there are also roads where you will need your 4×4. First of course, you need to rent a car. Sometimes it is hard to distinguish between all the prices and different kinds of cars. Holland Hotel Dos Palmas can help you with good advice and special prices!

For further information about special prices, look on Dos Palmas’ car rental site.

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