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Easy… travelling through Costa Rica on your own!

landkaartCosta Rica has everything you can expect for a holiday: adventure, tropical nature and beautiful beaches.

A self composed roundtrip through Costa Rica passing the Holland Hotels will be an experience you will never forget. The owners (speaking at least English, Dutch and Spanish), will point you the way to active volcanos, dark green forests, beautiful waterfalls and tropical little beaches.

With Holland Hotels Costa Rica you can make your own route along reliable hotels. Have a chat with the owner – because he/she knows exactly what you can see and do in the surroundings! If you reserve your next Holland Hotel in advance, you will be given a free route description.

The Holland Hotels Costa Rica have 3 standards:
       Simple, until U$40
    Middle, U$ 40 – U$125
Luxury,  U$125 and up

Never before has traveling through Costa Rica been so easy!

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