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Weather forecast
San Jose

Weather in San Jose

The climate in Costa Rica is tropical. This means that there is an agreeable temperature year round. The dry season, from December through May, is the most suitable period for traveling. May through November is called the green season, there will be more rain then. But mostly in the form of heavy rainstorms, beginning at the later afternoon and that last for a few hours. The morning starts almost every day with a lot of sunshine.

Costa Rica’s temperature is also defined by its landscape. Throughout the middle of the country there is a mountain range. Here the capital city San José is situated in the Central Valley (altitude around 1100 meters), and because of this it will not be extremely hot here. The temperature is mostly around 20 degrees Celcius. In the lowlands on both coast the temperature can rise in the dry season to above 30 degrees Celcius (85°F).