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Costa Ricans

Holland Hotels Costa RicaCosta Ricans are very friendly people. They will always try to help you whenever they can. And they give the good example: in Costa Rica they take it easy. If we can’t get it done today, we’ll do it tomorrow! And that of course is a very good attitude for a holiday.
The language in Costa Rica is Spanish, but in the touristic places many people speak English.

When you are in Costa Rica you will get it served at least once: Gallo Pinto, the national breakfast. It consists of a mix of rice and black beans with coriander, a fried egg, and fried bananas. Combined with seaview and a lovely fruit-milkshake this is absolutely recommendable!
The taste of the bananas, pineapples, mangos and papayas is unimaginable – they ripened on the plant and that is what you taste.

Holland Hotels Costa RicaPura Vida
Costa Rica’s motto: Pura Vida, translated: pure life! It is used as a greeting or as an answer to the question ¿Comó está? (How are you?)

Holland Hotels Costa RicaNational Holidays

  • April 11 – Día de Juan Santamaría (the national heroe who in 1856 decided the battle of Rivas against William Walker)
  • July 25 – Día de Guanacaste (annexation of the province of Guanacaste)
  • September 15 – Costa Rica celebrates its independence day

The Chorotega, Huetare and Brunca Indians were the first inhabitants of Costa Rica, about 20.000 descendents of them still live in reserves. Most people are descendents of the Spanish dominators. In 1948 there was a short civil war, and after that war the army was abolished and Costa Rica became a thriving country.

Holland Hotels Costa Rica