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Practical things

Holland Hotels costa RicaClimate
Costa Rica’s climate is tropical. All year round there is an agreeable temperature. However, the most suitable season to travel is the dry period, from December to April. May to November is called the green season, with more rain. Mostly this means just a few heavy rainstorms in the afternoons or evenings.
The temperature in Costa Rica is also defined by the landscape. Throughout the center of the country there is a mountain range. San José lies here in the Central Valley (on an altitude of about 1100 meters), and therefore it is never extremely hot. The temperature lies mostly around 20 degrees Celsius. In the lowlands on both coasts the temperature can reach more than 30 degrees Celsius in the dry period.

In Costa Rica you pay with colones. 530 colones have the value of $1 (Sept. 2015). Most banks have ATM’s. Credit cards (MasterCard and Visa) are accepted nearly everywhere. American dollars are often accepted by hotels, but not in the local shops, so take some cash with you.

passportTravelling documents
To enter Costa Rica, you need a passport that is at least valid for 1 day to six months after you will be back home, all depending of your home country.USA and Canada, most Europeen countries: Your passport must be valid at least 1 calendar day beyond the date that you enter Costa Rica .
Visa: you may stay 90 days in Costa Rica. Then you have to leave the country for at least 72 hours.
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Advised are vaccinations against DTP and Hepatitus A&B. Ask your local health service. There is hardly any malaria in Costa Rica.

Drinking water
In general the advise is to be careful with drinking water from the taps. You can buy clean water in bottles everywhere.

Electricity has 110 Volts in Costa Rica. And take a flashlight with you.
Departure tax
When you leave Costa Rica, you will have to pay a tax of $29 (before checking in). You can pay it in Costa Rican colones, American dollars or with Visa.

Just as in any other country in Costa Rica you will have to keep an eye on your belongings. Never leave your bags in the rental car. Be aware of ‘tricks’ with which people distract your attention from your bags or important belongings. E.g. when people suddenly ‘by accident’ cause a big stain on your clothes (ketchup). Don’t go immediately to a washing room and never accept any help with cleaning! A few times it has happened that the tire of a rental car had been punctured, so that asking for help (distraction!) is inevitable. In that case: call the car rental service as soon as possible.
Also when you travel by bus: keep an eye on your bag an put (if possible) no bags in the luggage compartments. And if something unexpected occurs: (e.g. someone drops a handful of change money): first get a hold of your own bag!