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The most beautiful places

To ask the question where your really have to go in Costa Rica, is to ask for an impossible answer: everything is beautiful! Costa Rica ‘erupts’ with nature, and it’s very diverse: from cloudforest to tropical beach, from rain forest to the mountain tops with small trees, or the active volcanos.

Holland Hotels Costa RicaFrom our guests we have heard that they wouldn’t have missed these places:

  • Arenal Volcano: see the lava pouring out of the active crater and walk on the slope of this volcano.
  • Corcovado National Park in the tropical southern part of Costa Rica: experience the jungle as it has already existed for centuries, with a very large variety of plants, trees and animals. Twice a year whales appear before the coast.
  • The southern part of the Peninsula of Nicoya: beautiful beaches and enormous Guanacaste trees, overgrown with epiphytes, various palm trees, fruit trees, wild orchids, mountain streams, jungle sounds and ocean view make this a place never wanting to leave any more.
  • Holland Hotels Costa RicaTurrialba Volcano is wild and beautiful and is smoking (not dangerous). Turrialba and IrazĂș are twins. Turrialba is 200m lower and has a very beautiful and unique vegetation: Caribbean highland (only on this volcano). Because of its height you have a view to the Caribbean on clear days: you can see the boats at Moin harbour.
  • Rincon de la Vieja Volcano: the closest place to volcanic activity! Walk along the bubbling mud and take a refreshing mud bath.
  • … and more! Ask the owners of the Holland Hotels Costa Rica!