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Round trips

Costa Rica is a land where you can travel safely with a rental car.  Just get in and go! But where? There is so much to see that it is impossible to see everything. That’s why we have composed a few round trips.

Are you an adventurer, or up to a lazy holiday, do you want to climb a volcano or enjoy the sunset at sea – or do you just want it all? It is all possible with our round trips along the Holland Hotels Costa Rica. Just choose:

Holland Hotels Costa RicaThe round trip will be arranged from A to Z for you and when you arrive in San José, you will be picked up at the airport by Dos Palmas or Hotel Bougainvillea. The next morning (if you want) the rental car is ready for you and off you go. You will get a free route description to the next Holland Hotel, (or download the free Holland Hotels android app), where you will be met by the next owner.
You will find all information there about the attractions and activities in the area and the people at the reception will help you organize any trip you want. At the end of the round trip, you will be at Dos Palmas or Hotel Bougainvillea again, where you hand in your rental car. Dos Palmas or Hotel Bougainvillea will take you to the airport in time. Starting and ending your trip at Liberia Airport? No problem, we will pick you up there and take you to Aroma de Campo .

We have more roundtrips, just ask us, and is also possible to compose your own trip. Use the Building Blocks or just tell us about your wishes and we will contact you immediately.

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All our roundtrips are organized by Rich Coast Travel.

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