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Rent a Car

Holland Hotels Costa RicaHolland Hotels will help you with a reliable and reasonably priced rental car.
If you rent the car for more than 7 days, on your request, you will get a free cooler.
And of course it is possible to rent a GPS. With the help of this navigation system you will go from one Holland Hotel to the other without any problem. Ideal for a country where road signs are scarce.
The rental car will be delivered at the hotel of your choice at the moment you wish. At this place you can also hand in the car after the rental period, or at another place at your convenience.
So if you arrive in San José, the car will be delivered the next morning at Dos Palmas or Hotel Bougainvillea.
If you arrive in Liberia, the car will be delivered the next morning at the nearby hotel Aroma de Campo in Curubandé, or the rental car company will arrange a free shuttle service. Thrifty Car Rental will pick you up at the airport to do all the paperwork at the rental car office to rent the vehicle.
We will take care of airport shuttle to and from the airport.

You have to pay for the rental car on the moment the car is delivered at your hotel and the you have to pay with a valid credit card.

The types mostly used are:

Daihatsu Bego, ideal holiday car for 2 to 3 persons.
Toyota RAV 4, just a little bit stronger and more comfortable than the Bego
Ssang Yong Korando, the best option for you and your family!
Toyota Prado, big luxurious car, very strong, and suitable for 4 to 5 passengers.

NEW: the BYD, model FQ, (3 cilinder,67 HP)
Starting at U$199 per week!

See more models, know our rates and read our conditions.

Consumption of cars, petrol or diesel, manual or automatic, kilometers per liter:

Daihatsu Bego Pe man 12,85
Daihatsu Bego Pe auto 11,7
RAV 4 Pe man 8,75
RAV 4 Pe auto 8,3
Prado Di auto 11

Peter and Flor Hoffmans from Dos Palmas, one of the Holland Hotels, will help you with your car rental.
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Holland Hotels co-operates with Thrifty Car Rental in Costa Rica.
Thrifty is one of the first rental car companies in Costa Rica that will compensate  CO2 exhaust. And not only for their rental cars, but also for of their employees’ cars and the use of energy in the company’s buildings. Every client will be asked for one dollar as a contribution to this program. Of course it is possible to donate more.
Thrifty Cars will complete the collected money every month to $ 5,000. The Fundación CRUSA doubles this amount to a total amount of $ 120,000 per year. This amount will be paid to FUNDECOR Costa Rica. Fundecor is engaged in reforestation projects and has, among others, appointed guards in the parks to keep an eye on illegal cutting of trees. FUNDECOR started  in the year 2000 with 24,275 hectares of forest under its control. Every year tens of hectares are added!  Support this good cause with only  $ 1 and help to compensate CO2  exhaust!  

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