Your holiday with Holland Hotels Costa Rica will bring you a new adventure every day.

Since 2005 Holland Hotels Costa Rica has been guiding travelers through Costa Rica.

Travel on your own through Costa Rica

Traveling through Costa Rica, just expect everything that an adventure holiday can offer: tropical beaches, deep green jungles and endless mangroves, waterfalls, smokey volcanoes and of course wildlife! A self-assembled individual tour along the Holland Hotels will be an experience that you will never forget.

Book your trip through Costa Rica with Holland Hotels.

If you book a round trip along the Holland Hotels we will send you free travel directions. That makes traveling around in Costa Rica very easy.
bok a round tour through Costa Rica withe the Holland Hotels


Wondering what are the ‘must sees’ is asking for an impossible answer. Everything is beautiful! Costa Rica is bursting with very diverse nature: from cloud forests to tropical beaches, from rainforests to high mountain peaks, smoking volcanoes, and lots and lots of wildlife. You will never be disappointed! 

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