A tropical holiday in Costa Rica with Dutch and Belgian hotel owners

Holland Hotels Costa Rica is a non profit organization of hotels with Dutch or Belgian owners. The hotels are small (between 4 and 80 rooms), so that it is easy to get into contact with the owners. The owners speak at least English, Dutch, and Spanish.
And the Dutch word “gezelligheid” means we do our very best to make your stay as comfortable as possible!

Safe travel

The Association “Holland Hotels Costa Rica” is not a commercial travel agency, we do not have a paid director and / or employees. All reservations and bookings are arranged by Kees Voogd, one of our most experienced members since 2005. He knows Costa Rica like the back of his hand and arranged more than 300 round trips for our guests! If one of the affiliated Holland Hotels is suddenly unavailable, our Association will provide an equivalent hotel, no additional costs will be charged. That is our guarantee!


Your payments to Holland Hotels Costa Rica for hotel reservations are guaranteed for a maximum of $ 50,000 by the Costarican Ministry of Tourism. You only have to take care of a cancellation insurance and travel insurance.


Our specialists with more than 12½ years experience, for the perfect tropical holiday in Costa Rica.

travel agent

Kees Voogd

travel agent

Kees knows Costa Rica like the back of his hand and will help you to make arrangements for your ideal round trip.
(Almost) everything is possible!

experts in travel

The hotel owners,

you are welcome!

We will surely make your holiday unforgettable!

tavel with a rent a car

Peter Hoffmans


Peter arranges the perfect holiday car for you!


every hotel is surprisingly different, but hospitality is what we all offer!

You will find all our hotels on this map of Costa Rica