Dantica Cloud Forest Lodge

Dantica Lodge, Holland Hotels Costa RicaFor most visitors to Costa Rica it is a must to see the famous quetzal (Pharomachrus mocinno), the sacred bird of the Mayas and the Aztecs. Do a hike with our Dantica guide to see this magnificent bird, early in the morning, our valley offers the best chance in Costa Rica to see it. With a bit of luck the quetzal will also show up later on the day, if you are marveling about the spectacular view over the cloud forests from a luxury bungalow, or take a walk on the trails in our private forest reserve.


Dantica is situated at a height of 2600 m in the cloud forests, in San Gerardo de Dota Valley, about 4 km from the Panamerican Highway, the main road from San José to Panama, and half way between Cartago and San Isidro del General. Because of the height it can be cold at night, and walking might be exhausting because of the thin air.


  • quetzal-tour with our expert guide
  • shopping in our gallery with special Indian art from South and Central America
  • hike through our 9 hectares private nature area with primary cloud forest
  • on foot or horseback to the beautiful waterfalls
  • visit to Los Quetzales National Park
  • visit to Cerro de la Muerte with its unique vegetation, the second highest point of Costa Rica
  • breakfast, lunch and dinner in our restaurant Le Tapir

Sustainable tourism

Dantica is an eco-lodge actively working on preserving nature:
  • soap, shampoo and conditioner in the bungalow aren biologically degradable
  • all our cleaning articles are biologically degradable
  • recycling of waste
  • we make our own fertilizer out of organic waste
  • all herbs and some vegetables, served in our
    restaurant, come from our own organic herb gardens
  • sun-powered hot water
  • ecological fireplaces working on ethanol, made from the waste of sugar cane
  • community work, such as reforestation, cleaning public road and maintenance of Los Quetzales National Park
  • donations to the community: school, church and public road
  • 5 green leaves of CST (Certificate for Sustainable Tourism) 2013; BAE (Blue Ecological Flag)
    for protected areas 2009 and climate change 2010
    Certificaat voor Duurzaam Toerisme

Rate indication
Based on 2 people, room rates range from $115 to $226 per night. Please contact the hotel for the current prices for your travel dates and group composition. You can find the contact details below on this page.

All Bungalows and Suites are equipped with shower and jacuzzi*, satellite TV, minibar with coffeemaker, heating system ´´Air conditioning inverter´´, queen-size beds** with eiderdown covers, fireplace working on ethanol, small safe, private porch and a magnificent view (*Standard Bungalow and Forest Bungalow only shower, **Quetzal Bungalow and Master Suite have a King-size bed).

Aroma de Campo. Véronique SUSTRAC

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