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rates in US$
Type of car season per day per week per 3 weeks all risk
Toyota Rush
most rented car
auto huren Costa Rica
low 46 291 819 17 extra p.d.
high 60 374 1071
Toyota RAV4RAV4 rent a car Holland Hotels Costa Rica low 66 412 1179 22 extra p.d.
high 71 440 1269
Ssang Yong Korando 4wd
family carssangyoung korando Holland Hotels Costa Rica
low 54 338 963 22 extra p.d.
high 69 430 1233
Toyota Prado TD AutomaticRent acar Toyota Prado Holland Hotels Costa Rica low 99 617 1773 29 extra p.d.
high 102 630 1823

BYD-Q rent a car Holland Hotels Costa Ricanew
The BYD, model FQ, 3 cilinder, 67 HP. from US$ 202 per week!

Rates include basic insurance (CDW and Mandatory), damage to third parties insured till 100%, license plate fee, free km and tax.

Rates All Risk insurance depend on renting period, season and your choice.
Deposit = $ 750, if you take an All Risk insurance the deposit is only $ 250.

and ask for our conditions for special promo rates

These are the most rented cars, but we have many more that you can rent at Holland Hotels Costa Rica.
Do you want to know which choices you can make? And do you want to know what are our renting conditions? CLICK HERE.

Holland Hotels Costa RicaNO DOWN PAYMENT
Don’t worry, because you pay with your creditcard when you start using the rental car. So no down payment needed!

Rates mentioned on this website may vary, due to extern circumstances that we can not foresee. But we will keep our promised agreements with you!

Holland Hotels Costa Rica will help you renting a reliable car in Costa Rica. If you rent a car for more than 7 days you will get, on request and if available, a free cool box when you rent and hand in the car at Dos Palmas. Free second driver, which will save some $ 5 – $ 10 per day compared to other car rental companies.  It is possible to have WiFi on board, or to rent a GPS. However coverage for WiFi in Costa Rica is not 100%.  And with the navigation system you will go easy without any problems from one Holland Hotel to another Holland Hotel Costa Rica. Ideal for a country where direction signs are scarce.
For the co-ordinates of all hotels download and print a list here.

CLICK HERE  if you want to know more about traffic regulations in Costa Rica.

The rental car in Costa Rica will be delivered at the Holland Hotel Costa Rica that you want on any day and hour that you want. You can hand in the rental car afterwards at the same place, or at another place.
So when you arrive in San José, the rental car can be delivered the next morning at Dos Palmas.
If you arrive in Liberia the rental car can be delivered at the airport, or the next morning at the nearby Holland Hotel Aroma de Campo in Curubandé.
We will take care of your airport shuttle to and from the airport.

On delivery and hand in of the rental car you will get a contract, and payment and deposit will be done by means of a valid creditcard. There are certain conditions for renting a car.
Rental cars are being rented with a basic insurance. All Risk insurance has to be paid extra.

Find here more information about creditcards concerning damage insurances that will be automatically covered by your creditcard. Be careful, not all creditcards have built-in damage insurances!!

BYD-Q rent a car Holland Hotels Costa RicaNew: BYD, model FQ, a car in the “mini” category, 2×2, manual. Suitable for 2 persons. Only a few of these are available.

For large families or groups we also have a van up till 15 persons.
All the cars have a choice for automatic or manual.

Use of gasoline or diesel, manual or automatic, kilometers per liter:

Toyota Rush    gas     manual    12,85
Toyota Rush    gas     autom.    11,7
RAV 4    gas   manual    8,75
RAV 4    gas    autom.    8,3
Korando    gas    manual    11

Car rental is organized by one of the Holland Hotels: Peter and Flor Hoffmans from Dos Palmas.

Waze is the world’s biggest community-based traffic and navigation app. Join other drivers in Costa Rica sharing real-time traffic information, so that everybody can gain time and save fuel cost during your daily drives.
First you download the app, install an account at Waze and download the map of Costa Rica, then you won’t need an internet connection on your way.

Holland Hotels works together with Thrifty Car Rental in Costa Rica.
Thrifty is one of the first car rental companies in Costa Rica that compensates CO2 emission. Not only for rental cars, but also for employee’s cars and use of energy in the company buildings.

The program works as follows: Thrifty asks one dollar from every customer as a contribution to the program. Of course you may donate more. The money collected in this way will be supplemented by Thrifty till $ 5,000 every month. The Fundación CRUSA doubles this amount to a total amount of $ 120,000 a year. This amount will be paid to FUNDECOR Costa Rica. Fundecor is engaged in reforestation projects and has employed park rangers dealing with illegal logging. FUNDECOR started in the year 2000 with 24,275 hectares of forest under its management. Every year tens of hectares are added! Support this good cause with only $ 1 and help to compensate CO2  emission!

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