In Costa Rica you can spot various species of sea turtles: green, hawksbill, olive ridley and the gigantic leatherback turtle.

Tortuguero, on the Caribbean coast, is of course best-known for the sea turtles, coming ashore to lay their eggs in April and May. The baby turtles are born in the months of July till October.

At Playa Nancite and Playa Ostional on the North Pacific coast up to a hundred thousand turtles will come ashore to lay their eggs from mid June till December. The exact time they will arrive depend on the moon, high or low tide, air pressure etc. And if they come, they all come at the same time!

Turtle project Rancho Burica in Punta Banco

We have been very busy with the turtle project here at Rancho Burica in Punta Banco.  There have been many meetings at the Rancho with the village council, the local police, wildlife agents and the locals of Punta Banco involved in the project. Our goal was to stop illegal gathering of the eggs. In the end we came to a direct succes, among others by means of daily patrols during the evenings/nights by locals and Rancho Burica tourists. Resulting in full viveros (hatcheries) in the village, and also a smaller one on the premises of the Rancho. To get an official recognition the project has to cope with a number of conditions, and that means investing. We want to realize this by means of a crowd funding campaign, where you can deposit your financial contribution. Every small bit will help!

After two months of nice and warm hatching under a 2 feet layer of sand the babies will come out of their eggs. The release on the beach is a true spectacle! Swarming cute little animals writhing to get to the sea to begin their wanderings among the oceans, to once, if they are ready after about 15 years, return to the same beach and hopefully lay eggs again. Nature’s wonder …  To be seen at Rancho Burica… from mid October till mid January the nests will hatch!


Thousands of turtles come ashore at the same time to lay their eggs▼

Also in Ojochal (South Pacific) there is a turtle protection center.
There are nightly patrols at Playa Tortuga (Turtle Beach). When a turtle has laid her eggs during the months of July – September the site will be measured precisely, after which the eggs will be dug up and reburied on a special protected and guarded place on the beach. The nests are being surveyed daily. From October – December the nests will hatch, and the baby turtles will be released on the site where the mother laid the eggs. From the 100 – 120 baby turtles hopefully one or two will return to continue the cycle of propagation.
Have a look HERE on the website if you are interested in volunteering or internship.

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